Eclipse® Laser Systems

Close up picture of our laser system in action

Laser-Powered Precision with the Eclipse® Laser System

In the quest for superior print quality, precision cleaning is non-negotiable. The Eclipse Laser Cleaning System, with its patented circular laser technology, revolutionizes anilox roll cleaning. Say goodbye to hot spots and uneven cleaning – our laser system delivers exceptional results while safeguarding your rolls’ integrity.

Eclipse® Portable Laser System - on-press

A Multitude of Applications

The versatility of our laser system extends beyond anilox rolls. This technology can remove ink, adhesives, coatings, and any other residue that hinders print quality. From intricate cells to roll surfaces, the laser system’s precision is unmatched. It’s a solution that enhances print quality, efficiency & ultimately, your entire operation.

The Challenge of Uneven Cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods, while effective, have limitations when it comes to precision. Linear or ‘straight line’ lasers often result in uneven cleaning due to the back-and-forth movement. This can lead to hot spots or areas that remain untouched. In the pursuit of perfection, our laser ensures consistent, safe cleaning across the entire roll surface.

Eclipse® Portable Laser System - off-press set-up

The Circular Laser Revolution

The Eclipse Laser Cleaning System introduces a revolutionary solution: our patented circular laser scanning system. This ingenious technology eliminates the possibility of hot spots and uneven cleaning. As the roll rotates, the laser’s circular movement ensures that every part of the roll’s surface is thoroughly cleaned safely and efficiently.

Eclipse® R2000 Off-Press Laser System


The Eclipse® R2000 Laser System is the fastest anilox cleaning system on the market today. Easily clean any type of ink, coating or residue using our patented circular laser technology that ensures a perfect clean that is safe on your rolls, even after the 1000th cleaning!

Eclipse® Portable Laser System


The Eclipse® Portable Laser System is perfect for companies who’s anilox rolls are difficult or cumbersome to remove. With the ability to cleaning over 50 different presses and counting, this portable laser system goes wherever you may need it & can be configured for both on- or off-press cleaning.