comprehensive range of supplementary products for all your anilox maintenance needs

Our cutting-edge solutions are engineered to optimize print quality, improve roll maintenance and inventory history, reduce downtime and enhance operational efficiency in your printing and coating applications.

Explore our product categories below to discover the perfect solution for your requirements.

microdynamics 3dqc veritas

Experience unmatched precision and reliability with the MicroDynamics 3DQC Veritas 3D scanning microscope. Perform detailed anilox roll inspections to a micron level with advanced 3D imaging technology. Identify and address potential issues to maintain optimal printing standards.

Digital microscope


Gain a closer look at anilox roll surfaces with our high-resolution digital microscopes.  Facilitate accurate inspection, analysis and measurement of cell structures.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE!

Capatch volume test strips


Ensure consistent print quality with our precision Capatch test strips.  Monitor ink transfer and evaluate anilox roll performance accurately. Available in various volumes to suit different printing environments.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE!

Nu-Ice dry ice blaster

dry ice blasting

Optimize press room cleanliness and maintenance with our dry ice blasting equipment. Harness the power of dry ice to remove contaminants and debris from press components. Non-abrasive and eco-friendly solution for efficient cleaning operations. Not recommended for roll cleaning!

Anilox baking soda

anilox baking soda

Achieve superior roll cleaning results with our specially formulated anilox baking soda. Remove stubborn ink, coatings, and residues effectively without harming roll surfaces.  Environmentally friendly and safe for use in various printing environments.  Authorized ARMEX distributor.

SunVisto Anilox Renew

liquid cleaners

Keep your anilox rolls in peak condition with our range of liquid cleaners and effectively dissolve ink and coatings while protecting roll surfaces from damage.  Perfect for daily washups and weekly maintenance.  Authorized SunChemical distributor.