Anilox Baking Soda


The baking soda we use to clean anilox rolls in our Pro-Series Soda Blast System is a proprietary, specially engineered formula that allows for a superior yet gentle deep cleaning, a dust-free application and is environmentally friendly. This blast media is specifically designed for use in our semi-automated equipment for thorough cleaning of laser engraved printing rolls with high density cell counts.

This formula utilizes the smallest sodium bicarbonate crystal combined with a premium moisture control system, providing a powerful yet gentle scouring action that cleans deep into anilox cells removing dry ink and other tough residues without any damage to delicate cell walls. This process is capable of restoring original ink volume capacity.

Anilox baking soda from ARMEX®

want more informnation on soda blasting?

Regular baking soda, like the stuff found in your refrigerator, will not work! Please do not attempt to use it, as it will clog your machine quickly and will not clean your anilox rolls at all.  To request a quote on our Anilox Baking Soda or for more information on our Pro-Series Soda Blast System, please click below!