pro-series soda blast system


Our 50+ years of roll cleaning experience has positioned ARCS as experts in not only the anilox roll cleaning services we provided, but has also enable us to develop a proven, dust-free baking soda anilox roll cleaning system for companies looking to complete their roll maintenance on their own.  

The Pro-Series Soda Blast Cleaning System is one of the safest, most effective anilox cleaning system on the market today.  Easily clean any type of ink, coating or residue using our compact and portable technology that ensures a perfect clean that is safe on your rolls, even after the 1000th cleaning!


  • Compact & Portable = the Pro-Series’ small footprint means it can go virtually everywhere in your plant you may need it
  • Simple Operation = our easy-to-use system only needs one standard electrical circuit and a limited amount of compressed air.  It can even connect to your existing quick connect airdrops in most cases!   
  • Universal Cleaning = for on-press cleanings, the Pro-Series will work on over 25 different presses and counting.  The Pro-Series can remove the most stubborn residues from both low and high-line screen rolls as well as high & low volume cells.

on-press option

For companies with large/jumbo rolls or ones that are very difficult to remove from their press, this is a great option that will save man-hours and downtime. On-press cleaning also reduces the risk of roll damage occurring.  Most plants we work with have horror stories about damaged rolls due to mishandling.  

Our on-press system is universal and can be used on almost any size roll in any type of press.  The equipment is highly portable and designed to be move easily throughout your plant.

OFF-PRESS option

An off-press option is also available for clients using sleeves or want to have a dedicated, central spot for roll cleaning.  The off-press system utilizes a heavy-duty roll cart that continuously spins the rolls as it is being cleaning.  

Our roll carts come in a variety of different lengths depending on your needs.  Normally, clients choose our 6′, 8′ or 9′ long carts.  These carts have various weight ratings and can handle rolls up to 2,000 pounds!


The traversing speed of the hose and vacuum nozzle assembly along the track are automated, remain constant throughout the cleaning process, and can be adjusted for various roll diameters and lengths.

The system operates with compressed air and applies the baking soda along the face of the roll at low pressure. As the baking soda hits the roll surface, it instantly fractures into a particle size below 8 microns. This means the baking soda reaches all the way to the bottom of the cell, ensuring the entire cells gets cleaned out and not just the cell walls.

Our system provides dust-free operation throughout the entire cleaning process.  For those companies that run cleanroom environments or have operations that prevent the use of any type of powder (like film plants), check out our Eclipse Laser System!

Mounted on wheels, this lightweight, simple-to-use system is designed to be moved about with ease and into hard-to-access press areas.  Easily detachable components allow for even more flexibility.

With each system purchase, we include set-up and in-plant training.  We also provide new operator training upon request as we understand personnel changes from time to time.  Our expert, factory-trained technicians use this same equipment in the field when we perform our Roll Cleaning Services for our clients.  Our training covers all aspect of the system, including operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.