Ink Blaster-OS – For Offset Printing Equipment

Ink Blaster-OS is a low emission, non-HAPs, non-Hazardous, non-Flammable, recyclable (via vacuum distillation) ink remover suitable in an immersion tank, spray under immersion, ultrasonic and low pressure spray system and “rub & scrub” applications. Ink Blaster-OS replaces acetone, MEK, MIBK, Aromatic and Aliphatic Solvents. It provides safe, fast, residue free and complete removal of cured or uncured inks and varnishes from the press equipment, such as doctor blades, filters, lockup holders, fittings, connectors, ink pans, transfer pails, drums, anilox rollers, rubber rollers and other press equipment.

Click here for a cost comparison for Ink Blaster-OS vs. MEK and Acetone.


  • Easy to Use – Use straight and at room temperature with no rinsing required.
  • Low VOC’s
  • Non-Caustic – Biodegradable, environmentally sensible and worker friendly.
  • Replaces – Acetone, MEK, MIBK, Aromatic and Aliphatic Solvents
  • Non-Corrosive – Safe to use on a variety of metals, plastics, glass and ceramics.

Technical Data:

  • 8.5 – 8.8 pH
  • 0.90 Specific Gravity


  • 1 Gallon Pails
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Wipes

Additional Information:

  • Click here to request the SDS, TDS, pricing and information on how to receive a one quart sample of the Ink Blaster-OS.
  • Click here for Chemical Cost Justification for Ink Blaster-OS.