Rolls cleaned and counting!

Ink and Coating Removal Results using our Eclipse® Laser System

Here is just a small list of coatings we have successfully removed:

• Heat Sealed Ethylene Acrylic
• Acrylic Coating W/ Wood Finish
• Co-Polyester
• 2% solids primer & platinum based silicon
• Nylon-based Epoxy Ctg
• High-Bond Abrasion Resistance Ctg
• Silicone Rubber
• Metallic-based coatings (Tin, Platinum, Rhodium)

Adhesives and Glues
• Acrylic Based Inks
• Polyester Resins
• Acrylics
• UV Coatings
• Aqueous Coatings
• UV & Water Based Inks

Ceramic Anilox Roll Plugged with Acrylic Coating with Wood Finish
Before & After Laser Cleaning

Ceramic Anilox Roll Plugged with Adhesive
Before & After Laser Cleaning

Chrome Anilox Roll Plugged with Nylon-based Epoxy
Before & After Laser Cleaning

Ink vs. Coating Removal

Not only have we learned through hundreds of hours of testing on all types of rolls and residues the difference between safe and unsafe settings, but we have also discovered many coatings require a more technical approach than standard water-based inks in order to remove them effectively.

We continue to see a trend for plants to run many different types of unique coatings or “tougher” inks depending on production needs. On top of this, we have also noticed many plants using more and more cross-linked materials – these residues are notorious for being difficult to remove.

We are also hearing standard roll cleaning methods, especially chemical wash systems, will only worsen the problem. These new coatings react differently when cleaning chemicals are used on them, sometimes hardening the material further or actually ruining the roll. Other laser systems, because they offer a “one size fits all” technology, also struggle with these situations.

The Eclipse® Laser System can remove many of these problematic coatings and inks. Our laser settings can be safely adjusted so the system can specifically target what your plant needs to remove from its rolls. Our technology continues to get “challenged”, and we continue to surpass client expectations.

We can even laser clean chrome rolls without causing damage.

Chrome Anilox Roll
Before Laser Cleaning

Chrome Anilox Roll
After Laser Cleaning

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