In addition to employee safety and product effectiveness, there are many things to consider when evaluating chemical costs.

For this cost comparison example, we will use FRP Ultra Resin Remover™ vs. Acetone, MEK and Methylene Chloride.

Evaporation Rate – FRP Ultra Resin Remover evaporates 237 times slower than Acetone and MEK and 600 times slower than Methylene Chloride.  This slow evaporation rate allows you to use all of the FRP that you purchase whereas, with the other products, a significant amount of product is constantly being evaporated into the atmosphere.

Consumption Ratio – the consumption ratio of Acetone & MEK to FRP Ultra Resin Remover is 5:1; this means: for every 5 drums of Acetone & MEK, you will purchase only one drum of FRP.  In addition, you will generate less hazardous waste by using FRP.

Recyclable via Vacuum Distillation – Spent FRP Ultra Resin Remover can be recycled and you can obtain nearly 75% back.  You will generate less waste and purchase less product.

Resin Loading – FRP Ultra Resin Remover can hold up to 35% Resin (Ink & Adhesive) loading, before it becomes saturated.  Acetone & MEK holds up to 8% resin loading. (The higher the resin loading, the longer the shelf life.)

Non-Flammable – FRP Ultra Resin Remover is non-Flammable (Flash Point: 169° F); where Acetone & MEK is highly flammable (Flash Point: -2 Degrees F).  This means, with FRP, your operation will never go on fire, your workers will never be harmed due to high potential fire and harmful fumes and best of all, your insurance premium will be reduced significantly and the OSHA Agency will not impose any heavy fines.

 Multi-Purpose Product – FRP Ultra Resin Remover is a multipurpose resin remover for all your cleaning applications.

Environmentally Safe – FRP Ultra Resin Remover is a non-HAPs, non-flammable, reduced VOC, non-hazardous resin remover.