ECLIPSE® Anilox Roll Laser Cleaning Systems

Advanced Cleaning Technology for
Your Valuable Rolls and Cylinders:

Our technology was born in the world of art conservation to precisely and safely clean the surface of invaluable works of art. There is no room for error when cleaning priceless artifacts, nor is there when it comes to cleaning your rolls.
Our in-depth understanding of the photo-mechanical, photo-thermal, and photo-chemical interactions
of materials with various laser parameters translates into our thoroughly and thoughtfully engineered laser cleaning system for your rolls.

Our unique laser cleaning technology offers unmatched cleaning precision and control, which means it can remove a wide variety of inks, coatings and other tough residues.


• Chemical and waste-free, no cleaning media is required
• Low operating costs
• Uses only electricity – No compressed air or water required
• Fully automated, can be left unattended
• Class I Laser System – No safety glasses required
• Meets/Exceeds OSHA requirements for industrial laser systems
• Proprietary circular scan pattern – No risk of hot-spot related damage found in traditional line scanning systems

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