ARCS is an authorized distributor of Capatch test strips.

These easy-to-use strips quickly measure roll volumes and takes no more than one minute to apply. We supply Capatch to converters, printers, ink reps and other printing industry professionals.

Depending on how often a company’s production and colors change will determine how frequent printers will want to check their roll BCM.

Capatch test strips can help:

  • Improve a company’s maintenance program
  • Identify inefficient operators
  • Diagnose quality issues
  • Stop production losses
  • Reduce production stops to five minutes or less
  • Prevent scrap production

How to Use

Please click below for step-by-step instructions and to watch short instructional videos on how to use CAPATCH.

Capatch Volume Test Strips

VolumeBCMColor Strip
Medium3.00-15.00Dark Blue

**One box contains 24 testing strips**